Nate Diaz And Jorge Masvidal Press Conference Turns Violent

A press conference promoting the July 6 boxing match between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal descended into chaos when a brawl erupted between their teams. Held in Anaheim, California, the event aimed to build excitement for the rescheduled fight, originally set for June 1 at Inglewood’s Kia Forum.

The trouble began when Nate Diaz, visibly frustrated, left the stage before the faceoffs.

“I’m done with this whole press conference sh—,” Diaz said, according to ESPN. Despite organizers’ attempts to bring him back for a faceoff with Masvidal, Diaz only returned briefly to pose for cameras before exiting again, leading to a verbal exchange with Masvidal. This interaction quickly escalated, with both teams clashing on stage.

Video footage from the press conference shows the intensity of the altercation. Jorge Masvidal is seen dragging one of Diaz’s teammates by his dreadlocks after a fight broke out with Diaz’s boxing coach, Jorge Capetillo. The incident has since gone viral, adding a dramatic twist to the fight’s promotion.

Promoters had to scramble to maintain order, with the brawl highlighting the deep-seated animosity between Diaz and Masvidal. The July 6 bout, now set to take place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, has seen heightened interest and betting activity. Current odds favor Masvidal at -280, while Diaz stands at +220. Despite this, a significant number of early bettors are supporting Diaz, with 85% of bets placed on him.

The melee at the press conference has only intensified the spotlight on the upcoming fight. Fans and analysts alike have noted that such altercations, while chaotic, often serve to heighten interest and anticipation. The dramatic scene underscores the fierce rivalry and personal stakes involved in the Diaz-Masvidal matchup.

As the fight date approaches, both teams will need to focus on maintaining professionalism and ensuring that the main event proceeds without further incident. The brawl has certainly added an unexpected element to the promotion, ensuring that all eyes will be on the Honda Center come July 6.

The incident also serves as a reminder of the volatility that can accompany fight promotions, where intense emotions and high stakes often lead to unexpected outcomes.

For Diaz and Masvidal, the challenge now is to channel that intensity into their performance in the ring, providing fans with the showdown they are eagerly awaiting.