The Story Behind COVID Vaccine Mandates Continues To Fail

In true left-wing authoritarian fashion, the Biden administration is working day and night to ram an unwanted and illegal coronavirus vaccine mandate down the throats of American workers. Biden, who rejects the documented science of natural immunity, maintains that workers who refuse the jab should lose their jobs.

Now, the healthcare community has repeatedly moved the goalposts on what the general public should expect from the vaccine. First, they declared the shot would end the pandemic. When that was proven to be untrue, they said the vaccine would halt the spread of COVID. 

After that claim was documented as false, the healthcare community then professed the shot would stop people from being hospitalized from the virus and losing their lives. This, too, is demonstrably wrong; there are wholly vaccinated people who have contracted COVID, been hospitalized due to the virus, and then later died because of COVID.

Now, Red State is drawing attention to new data that weakens the argument for vaccine mandates even further. 

The backward narrative behind COVID vaccine mandates asserts that getting everyone immunized is key to stopping the virus. However, the data of states with the most vaccinated amount of people versus states with the least vaccinated amount of people proves this narrative false. 

Vermont and Rhode Island, for instance, have the highest numbers of vaccinated folks, coming in at 71.5% and 71.2%. Meanwhile, for every 100,000 people, 84 new cases of COVID appear in Vermont, while 32 new cases of COVID appear in Rhode Island. 

When you contrast these numbers with the states with the least vaccinated people (West Virginia and Idaho), the “science” behind vaccine mandates isn’t scientific. 

In West Virginia, 41.1% of folks are vaccinated. Yet, out of every 100,000 people, there are only 52 new cases of the virus. Meanwhile, in Idaho, 44.1% of residents are vaccinated, yet, for every 100,000 people, there are also only 52 new cases of the virus. 

To recap, the states with the least vaccinated number of people have lower COVID cases per 100,000 individuals than the states with the highest number of vaccinated persons.

When looking at the data above, the argument for vaccine mandates goes entirely out the window. It is nothing more than Democrats attempting to force the government into people’s lives and take away individuals’ medical choices. 

Ironically, folks who scream “my body my choice” on abortion do not recognize the rights of individuals to decline a vaccine if they so choose.