Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Tone-Deaf Rant’ Leaves Everyone Shaking Their Heads

Earlier this year, there was speculation about whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be running for re-election. With momentum essentially turning against Democrats, some folks speculated that Pelosi would retire from public office.

Weeks ago, Pelosi put these rumors to bed. The House Speaker released a video noting that she’s running for another term as a California representative. Pelosi’s announcement has since led to renewed conversations about the merits of term limits in Congress.

Amid her campaign for public office, Pelosi hasn’t shied away from the public eye. However, as Twitchy reports, some of her latest comments have Americans rolling their eyes and shaking their heads.

During an ABC News interview, the House Speaker tried to argue that inflation is a positive economic force rather than a negative one. Pelosi bizarrely declared that employment levels lead to a certain extent of inflation.

Meanwhile, inflation is eating away at Americans’ wages, causing prices to increase and squeeze the working class. Naturally, Americans unleashed criticism on Pelosi, branding her comments on inflation as silly, stupid, and out of touch.

Other individuals stated that as a multi-millionaire, the California representative doesn’t have any real grasp on how inflation impacts everyday Americans living paycheck to paycheck.

Nancy Pelosi had made many outrageous remarks throughout her decades in public office. However, this latest spin of trying to make inflation a positive thing truly takes the cake.

Inflation isn’t favorable for people who choose between paying their mortgage or buying groceries. Inflation isn’t favorable for folks who are unable to pay to keep their homes warm because of gas prices spiking.

There are few more tone-deaf than asserting that inflation is a net positive for the US economy.

Although Pelosi’s been taken to the woodshed on social media for her latest rhetoric, the best comeback Americans can deliver will be in November.

If Republicans become the majority party in the House of Representatives, Pelosi will lose her status as speaker of the House. Americans should also be aware that what Pelosi said represents what others in the Democratic Party believe.

Democrats’ lack of understanding about inflation is shown by their continued support for spending, regardless of how much prices rise or how far consumer confidence falls. The best comeback to all of this is making sure Democrats no longer hold the House or Senate after this year’s midterms.