Nancy Pelosi’s Retirement Appears Imminent

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the poster child for term limits and one of the least popular members of Congress. She and her husband have been frequently accused of insider stock trading and other corruption.

Furthermore, the Democrat House Speaker is responsible for helping to advance the Biden agenda that threatens America’s economy, national security, and overall well-being.

Time and time again, Pelosi has demonstrated her hypocrisy and lack of fidelity to truth. Under the Trump Administration, Pelosi routinely attacked the 45th president when gas prices got higher than $3.00 per gallon.

However, with prices far beyond this rate under the Biden administration, Pelosi made no criticisms of the 46th president whatsoever. In fact, during her speech at the Democratic National Committee’s 2021 Christmas event, she referred to Biden as “just perfect.”

In 2022, RedState reports, the House Speaker appears all but guaranteed to retire from public office.

For just about two decades, Pelosi solidified herself as a congressional leader in the Democrat Party. However, amid the midterms that are slated to favor Republicans, reports state the House Speaker has a high probability of stepping down in January 2023.

Towards the end of last year, Pelosi was questioned by CNN news anchor Jake Tapper about her plans to run for re-election. The House Speaker, at the time, declined to give a definitive answer one way or the other.

Pelosi’s likely retirement also comes as record numbers of House Democrats are coming out and announcing they will not seek additional terms. It further adds to the likelihood of Republicans taking back control of the US House of Representatives.

Finally, Pelosi and other congressional Democrats face another major problem, as the Build Back Better Act remains stalled in the Senate. Towards the end of November 2021, the House passed Build Back Better. However, it’s missing the necessary 50 Senate votes to make it on Joe Biden’s desk.

If Republicans meet expectations and take back the House of Representatives, Pelosi will undoubtedly lose her status as the House Speaker. At this time, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appears in the strongest place to become the next Speaker of the House.

For years, McCarthy and Pelosi have maintained a rivalry, routinely taking various shots at one another. The House Minority Leader started 2022 by referring to Pelosi as a “lame duck speaker.”

Many conservatives across the United States are eagerly awaiting Pelosi’s retirement.