Nancy Pelosi Looking To Serve Her 19th Term In Congress

As the collapse of the Democrat Party plays out in slow motion, many lawmakers are getting out now while the getting is good.

Close to two dozen Democrats in the House of Representatives aren’t going for additional terms. Some are running to be senators, governors, or in other elected offices; others are retiring from politics altogether.

On top of this, multiple polls show Republicans defeating Democrats in November and taking back control of Congress. In light of these details, many people questioned whether or not Pelosi would choose to retire.

However, this week, the California Democrat made it clear that she’s not retiring, but instead, she’s running for another term in Congress, as confirmed by PJ Media.

Pelosi has currently served a total of 18 terms as a lawmaker. She’s going for term number 19 and confirmed as much in an announcement video.

According to the House Speaker, her interest in staying on as a member of Congress deals with a series of matters. By Pelosi’s admission, these matters are voting rights, “reproductive rights,” immigration, US democracy, and America’s children.

In announcing her campaign, Pelosi repeatedly made sure to claim that America’s democracy was in peril. She then followed this up with unfounded claims that members of the GOP are actively on a mission to freeze various Americans out of engaging in US elections.

Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress since the late 1980s, and if she succeeds in getting re-elected, this will be her 19th term as a lawmaker. These facts have renewed conversations about congressional term limits and possibly even age limits for our nation’s legislators.

Countless patriots are all too eager for Pelosi to drift off into the sunset and not bother anyone ever again.

However, other people have warned that if Pelosi were to retire, she could potentially be replaced by another Democrat who is even more radical and far-left than she is.

While Pelosi is likely to win in her district and therefore serve a 19th term, it doesn’t mean other Democrats (who are not in hard blue areas like San Francisco) will be as fortunate.

Furthermore, while Pelosi may get another term as a member of the House, her position as House Speaker is not assured. If the GOP wins back the majority in the House of Representatives, Pelosi’s time as the speaker is officially over.