Nancy Pelosi: House Democrats Spar Over Biden’s Spending Bill

President Biden has dubbed his plan as “Build Back Better.” The 46th president believes raising taxes on Americans, killing businesses, implementing unconstitutional vaccine mandates, and giving the IRS power to monitor Americans’ banking transactions is building back “better.” 

For weeks now, Democrats in Congress have debated over spending legislation the president aims to get passed into law. Progressives have wanted to throw almost an endless assortment of free handouts in the bill. However, moderate Democrats like Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema said no deal. 

Manchin and Sinema’s votes are a must if Democrats want to get any legislation through the Senate. However, even in the House of Representatives, Democrat lawmakers are failing to see eye-to-eye.

Red State recently revealed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told progressive Democrats not to “embarrass” Biden by failing to pass his spending bill. 

In a nutshell, Pelosi made it known to House Democrats she intends to bring Biden’s infrastructure bill to the floor and expects the votes to get it moving through Congress. However, progressives in the House of Representatives aren’t going for this. 

For starters, many House Democrats are angered by the removal of paid family leave from the legislation. However, this removal came as Sen. Manchin made it clear he wouldn’t support any bill that goes beyond $1.5 trillion. 

Pelosi essentially wants House Democrats to shut up and vote accordingly so the legislation can be that much closer to President Biden’s desk for a signature. However, progressive Democrats are making clear they won’t vote for any bill until their demands are met. 

At this time, Democrats in Congress have still failed to agree on Biden’s Build Back Better plan. But the ongoing stalemate and bickering are certainly fueling tensions within the Democrat Party. 

The more time passes, the more it looks like Biden’s plan will not make it through Congress. Democrat leaders have been consistently saying they’re confident in reaching an agreement; yet, the promised agreements keep falling through. 

The reality of Biden’s plan is that it’s so unpopular that Republicans are firmly against it, and even some Democrats shake their heads. Recently, a group of Democrat lawmakers wrote to President Biden, expressing privacy concerns about the part of Biden’s agenda that permits the IRS to oversee individuals’ bank accounts.

Meanwhile, Republicans have also been hammering Biden on this issue. Quite frankly, the lack of agreement of Democrats on the president’s favored legislation is a good thing. 

The last thing America needs right now is another terrible Biden bill to become law.