Nancy Pelosi Falls Apart During Troubling Press Conference

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a California Democrat who is wholly all in for Joe Biden. Pelosi constantly backs up the 46th president’s agenda at every turn, urging Democrat lawmakers to vote for his proposals.

Under Biden, gas prices are significantly higher than under President Trump. Yet, despite Pelosi ripping on Trump for gas prices that approached $3.00 per gallon, she says nothing about the prices of gas under Biden that far exceed $3.00 per gallon.

As the House Speaker, Pelosi regularly engages in weekly press conferences. Like RedState points out, though, one of her latest press conferences is a severe cause for concern.

Last week, Pelosi spoke to the media about a House bill she referenced as “the McGovern bill.” However, trouble arose for the House Speaker when she appeared unable to articulate what this legislation entails clearly.

Pelosi’s rambling began when she declared the McGovern bill was “stronger than” something. From here, she mentioned the Foreign Affairs Committee and the EAGLE Act at one point.

After failing to get back to what the McGovern bill is supposedly stronger than, Pelosi mentioned legislation associated with Gregory Meeks and then talked about the loss of an individual named Carrie Meek.

Towards the end of these nonsensical ramblings, Pelosi briefly mentioned Department of Defense legislation before claiming the US Senate doesn’t have the authority to issue appropriations or revenue.

None of what the House Speaker said made any sense in the slightest. Furthermore, the incident made the rounds on social media. It left many Americans comparing this episode to Joe Biden and his tendencies to meander off randomly while speaking publicly.

Nancy Pelosi and all her rambling embody what congressional term limits are necessary. The House Speaker has been in Congress for several decades now. The same goes for other Democrats like Chuck Schumer.

America needs term limits to avoid the episodes Americans regularly witness in characters like Biden and Pelosi. This nation needs leaders with the right policies, fortitude, and mental capacity to lead with courage.

After Vice President Kamala Harris, Pelosi is next in line for the office of the presidency. No one who falls apart during press conferences as Pelosi did should be anywhere near power, let alone the Oval Office.

For the nation’s good, patriots in elected office need to work to ensure congressional term limits are put in place.