Nancy Pelosi Can’t Stop Singing Biden’s Praises

Nancy Pelosi seems to have determined that Biden is the greatest thing since sliced bread for some unknown, bizarre reason. The House Speaker’s reasoning for this is dicey, especially in light of what an awful job Biden’s done ever since he set foot into the White House.

Under the Biden Administration, gas prices are exceedingly high. The same also applies to inflation, setbacks with the supply chain, COVID cases, and the overall living costs.

Nevertheless, Pelosi doesn’t see things this way, only further showing just how out of touch she truly is. As noted by Twitchy, the House Speaker is now getting panned for her chosen method of inviting Biden to deliver the State of the Union address for this year.

On Friday, the House Speaker extended an invitation to the 46th president to give this year’s State of the Union address before Congress. At first glance, this wouldn’t be too noteworthy. However, the content of Pelosi’s written invitation is what has people talking.

Pelosi started the letter by lauding Biden’s supposedly “bold vision” and describing his various prized legislation as “transformational.” Although the letter was pretty short, Pelosi managed to squeeze in one compliment after the other before finally getting to her request for a March 1, 2022 delivery of the State of the Union address.

This letter didn’t take long to circulate on social media, causing the American public to weigh in with their views. Some people said that Pelosi and Biden ought to “get a room.” Other people determined the House Speaker’s letter seemed to be more like fan mail than a formal request from an elected member of Congress.

Additional viewpoints questioned what Biden’s approval ratings would look like by the time March rolls around or whether or not the president will even have the energy to speak for such a time.

Despite the apparent cringe-worthy nature of Pelosi’s letter to Biden and the ridiculous number of lauding compliments, getting to the basis of why Pelosi thinks so highly of Biden is a puzzle.

It isn’t the House Speaker’s first time praising the 46th president to such a degree. Last year, during a leftist Christmas event, Pelosi referred to Biden as “perfect.”

Meanwhile, everyday people who are forced to live with Biden’s leadership results beg to differ. That goes for Americans being fired because of Biden’s vaccine mandates, struggling to pay their bills due to inflation, and so much more.

If there’s one thing Pelosi’s written invitation to the president does, it shows just how completely out of touch and delusional she’s become.