MSNBC’s Clear Bias is Showing

Mainstream media networks like CNN, MSNBC, and others have been routinely criticized for showing left-wing bias in their manners of reporting.

Years of coverage from these outlets very well demonstrates that Republicans do not get a fair shake; yet, Democrats, and left-wing causes in general, are routinely given the benefit of the doubt.

Over the years, Americans have grown tired of fake news. This is why alternative options to mainstream media sources are starting to really materialize and pick up steam.

Yet, this doesn’t seem to have caused mainstream networks to reconsider the clear biases they routinely demonstrate.

MSNBC made this very apparent in its rather sorry coverage of the attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Typical of MSNBC
On Wednesday, MSNBC went out of its way to steer clear of covering how a left-wing radical from California appeared outside of Kavanaugh’s home with the intention of ending his life.

The man admitted as much to law enforcement officers; he was also found with zip ties, a handgun, and other tools that could do serious harm in the wrong hands.

However, MSNBC decided there were more pressing matters at hand to cover. Instead, the network focused most of its attention on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, former President Trump, and even AR-15 guns.

When MSNBC did mention the attempted assassination of Kavanaugh, the network ultimately used this development as a lynchpin to further criticize Republicans.

Sadly, this type of coverage is somewhat parallel to CNN blaming Republicans for the attempted assassination of a conservative Supreme Court justice.

Similar Responses From Other Media Outlets
MSNBC is far from an outlier when it comes to its approach to the latest development involving Kavanaugh.

USA Today and the New York Times also conveniently left out the attempted assassination incident from their daily news coverage on Thursday.

However, other issues like new Jan. 6 developments, the tragedy in Uvalde, US primary elections, and the overall abortion debate were mentioned.

Many conservatives have suggested that MSNBC, USA Today, the New York Times, and other outlets would have approached their coverage differently if a left-wing Supreme Court justice had faced an assassination attempt.

In the meantime, however, Democratic lawmakers in Congress chose to stall a bill that would have increased security protections for all members of the Supreme Court.