MSNBC Called Out For Woke Take On The Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Day is rapidly approaching. Many people use the upcoming holiday to be with their friends and family and reflect on all there is to be grateful for.

All of this eventually comes down to the present White House administration. Biden and his staff have determined that American liberties are not the vision they have for the country.

When the left can’t find it, they make it up. MSNBC did this recently in a segment about Thanksgiving. However, they were quickly called out for it, as reported by Fox News.

This past weekend, MSNBC put out a story about the supposedly true story that led to the holiday we now know as Thanksgiving. In a fashion that’s in keeping with the Democrats, MSNBC declared the root of Thanksgiving ultimately traces back to violence, hatred, and genocide.

MSNBC then claimed these ugly elements are “still on the menu” of Thanksgiving Day tables. On Twitter during Sunday, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz slammed MSNBC for spreading falsehoods and anti-American hatred.

The ultimate argument pushed by MSNBC and other leftists are that the pilgrims didn’t do America any favors. Instead, Democrats want to rewrite history and have Americans believe the pilgrims were nothing more than savages acting on behalf of white supremacy.

Other conservatives joined Cruz on Twitter, calling on MSNBC for disrespecting the nation’s traditions and bastardizing everything so that it all somehow shakes out to racism and white supremacy. If Democrats keep this up, some Americans warned that losing the midterms will only be the beginning of the left’s troubles.

At this time, the United States of America (along with our values, traditions, and patriotism) remains under attack. The nation is being attacked by radical woke leftists who want to dismantle freedom, capitalism, love of country, etc.

It is why today’s Democrat Party is now openly communist, a far cry from what Democrats used to stand for decades ago. At one point, there was a time in which some Republicans and Democrats could get along, even if they disagreed on policy issues.
Sadly, that ship has now sailed. Leftists continue to make it clear they are after everything the country stands for. The ultimate endgame of the Democrats is to remake the United States into a communist dystopia where everyone is equally miserable and under the thumb of an almighty government.

At this time, the onus is on conservatives, Republicans, and other patriots to ensure the woke left fails.