Most People Using COVID-19 Data Sites Are Being Tracked

Controversy over various governments’ responses to COVID-19 continues to stand. Many Americans have had issues with different conflicting messages sent out to the general public since 2020.

First, people were told not to wear face masks. Later, folks were actually mandated to wear masks and even encouraged to “double mask.”

Health officials informed Americans that COVID-19 vaccines would bring about the end of the pandemic. Yet, later, they conceded that COVID-19 vaccines actually do not stop anyone from getting the virus or even passing it to others.

Now, a new study confirmed the overwhelming majority of people using websites that track COVID-19 are also being secretly tracked themselves.

The Study Everyone Should Know About
Researchers in Europe released their findings about COVID-19 data sites in a paper that covered the use of web cookies on government websites.

As it turns out, since websites like COVID-19 data ones are categorized as official resources for citizens, web cookies on the site leave an open door to tracking website visitors.

It’s also worth noting that web cookies’ gathering of details about people’s online habits and search history has been utilized before.

This research revealed that in close to two dozen countries, tracking cookies are attached to most government websites, even if visitors aren’t aware of this and don’t want to be tracked.

Cookies that are categorized as “non-session” can track users from anywhere lasting days to even months on end. This exists not just in openly communist countries, but also in nations that have privacy laws on the books.

Some top American institutions that are confirmed to have tracking cookies on their sites are Johns Hopkins University and the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A Pattern Likely to Continue
Amid COVID-19 data sites being linked to tracking of visitors, Americans shouldn’t expect this to change anytime soon. Currently, the White House is on record warning that COVID-19 is not finished and more information is to come.

The Biden administration has already repeatedly encouraged Americans to turn to government-approved resources (such as the CDC) for information about COVID-19.

Finally, news of most COVID-19 data sites containing tracking features comes amid growing distrust of governments’ heavy-handed responses to this virus.