More Voters Realizing Electing Biden Was A Mistake

Even the most mildly observant American can see a laundry list of problems with Joe Biden being president.

As inflation spirals through the rooftops, the White House lies about the underlying cause. Right now, the Biden Administration wants Americans to believe that the greed of meat companies, oil and gas companies, and other producers is causing higher prices.

In actuality, what’s driving up costs for Americans nationwide is the Biden Administration’s heavy spending at the federal level. Furthermore, it is an insult for the White House to expect Americans to believe otherwise.

Amid inflation and a host of other issues, more and more people realize its mistake to put Biden in the White House. As RedState documents, the actual text of all that’s transpiring right now will be determined by whether or not voters remember this mistake.

During the 2020 presidential election, Democrats ran on the fact that Biden merely wasn’t Trump. Moreover, leftists claimed that once Biden got into the White House, all would be well, the “adults” would be back, and partisan divisions would cease to exist.

As we all know, this was a crock. However, the lesson here is that this is what can happen when even a sizable percentage of a voting base throws its support behind a candidate merely because that candidate is not someone else.

When Trump was in office, Americans weren’t dealing with shortages in grocery stores, a bottlenecked supply chain, or sky-high gas prices.

During the Trump Administration, unemployment sank to record lows, notably amongst minority groups. Meanwhile, with Biden in the White House, the United States has been forced to contend with one disappointing monthly jobs report after the next.

The economy is going month after month by severely underperforming in meeting the job’s expectations presented by economists.

In voting against Trump, many Americans put themselves in a bad situation rather than voting for Biden. Everything that Trump warned would happen if Biden got into office is steadily taking place. It’s also happening at a much faster rate than anyone anticipated.

There are countless tweets of individuals admitting they voted for Biden in 2020 yet are currently regretful amid the disasters stemming from his presidency. There’s no shortage of these tweets. However, time will tell whether or not voters remember this mistake and then avoid making it again.

Right now, it’s hard to imagine Biden getting a second term in the White House for what it’s worth. The 46th president is managing to do such an astronomically horrible job that virtually anyone could beat him in an election.