More Troubling News Surfaces On Vice President’s Treatment Of Staffers

Things are not always what they appear to be. Before cameras, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are often seen laughing and chumming it up with one another. However, reports of behind-the-scenes events in the White House cast matters in a less friendly light.

Back in November, CNN released a report that essentially claims the White House is disrespecting Harris and wanting her to take the fall for the errors of the Biden administration.

Moreover, aides to the vice president (who did not release their names for obvious reasons) claim the White House is not correctly using Harris’ skills. Since this expose, multiple staffers to the vice president have announced their resignations.

However, TheBlaze covers details indicating that Harris’s work may not be a walk in the park.

A series of rumors have surfaced about the unsavory treatment Harris subjects her staffers to. Former employees of the vice president have also gone on record, claiming that she tends to berate those working for her when things don’t go well.

During an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Harris told the paper to “come on” when questioned about her treatment of employees.

Furthermore, the San Francisco Chronicle accused the vice president of refusing to answer questions about lessons she may have learned or different moves she could have made since getting into the White House.

Ultimately, the only authentic, concrete message Harris gave to the San Francisco Chronicle was one where she discussed her interests in doing domestic travel in 2022 to promote the agenda of the Biden administration.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden’s approval ratings are severely net negative. However, Americans might not know that Harris’s approval ratings are worse than Biden’s.

These net negative ratings have posed a problem for Harris, even amongst Democrats. If Biden does not seek a second term in the White House during 2024, his vice president would be the next person in line.

However, leftist leaders are reportedly worried that Harris’ low approval numbers could impede her from bringing it home for the Democrat Party in the 2024 presidential election.

Amid all this, some rumors even suggest Biden wants Harris out as vice president altogether. Of course, when asked about rumors of discord between Harris and the president, the White House claimed Harris as a valued confidant to Biden.