Mo Brooks Pushes Back on Fox News Gun Control Agenda

Fox News has drifted further into the hands of Democratic viewpoints and away from the conservative base that they once served. While conservative views have largely stayed the same over the years, Democrats have pushed their party further and further to the left and left most of their supporters behind.

Fox News tried to rope Mo Brooks (R-AL) into agreeing that the Second Amendment should be altered.

Fox News Host Sandra Smith said, “The minimum age in your state to buy an AR-15, like the one the school shooter used in Ubalde, is 18 years old. There’s no waiting period between the time a firearm is purchased and when it’s turned over to the buyer. There’s no license for the sale of ammunition. Gallup does find that a majority of Americans, 52 percent of them, are in favor of stricter gun laws when it comes to the sale of firearms.”

Smith then asked, “So, to the majority of Americans who feel that way, you say what?”

Brooks didn’t believe that the poll accurately represents the opinion of the American people. Brooks said, “I suspect that the people who were polled, by way of example, were not properly explained what the purpose of the Second Amendment right to bear arms is.”

The Gallup poll in question asked, “In general, do you feel that the laws covering the sale of firearms should be made more strict, less strict or kept as they are now?”

Of those polled, 52% wanted more strict firearm sales laws, 35% wanted no change, and 11% wanted less strict gun laws.

In the “key takeaways” section of the article that’s posted after the poll, it says, “The decline in support for stricter gun laws was owing mostly to a 15-point plunge among independents. Democrats’ desire for more restrictive gun laws ticked up six points to 91% and Republicans’ was essentially unchanged, at 24%, after dropping 14 points in 2020.”

Overall, the question was loaded. The framing edged toward Republican support of gun control laws rather than explaining that the uptick was due to Democrats support of stricter laws rising to 91%.

Brooks said that he went to school as a child many times with a shotgun in his vehicle without an issue and said it was because he went duck hunting.

Brooks also said, “Back when I was growing up, we didn’t have these mass killings. They weren’t there. They didn’t occur. Or if they did, I certainly wasn’t cognizant of them and they were very, very rare — so rare that I cannot recall a single incident in which those things occurred during my youth.”

Brooks pointed to “moral decline” as the culprit of mass shooting events. Brooks said that “out of wedlock childbirth, divorce, single-parent households, and amoral values that undermine respect for life” can attribute to emotional damage that breeds a mass shooter mindset.

While some Republicans may be open to working with Democrats on gun control, the vast majority aren’t. Polling numbers can be skewed and inaccurate and during emotional situations, the pollee may shift their opinion in a certain direction where they otherwise wouldn’t have.