MLB Player Faces Backlash Over Apology To Woke Mob

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass quickly caved to pressure after being confronted over social media postings supporting Christian boycotts of Target and Bud Light. It did not take long for Bass to fold his tents and backtrack.

He told the media that his post hurt the “pride community.” Some of those in pain included friends and relatives.

Bass revealed he apologized to teammates over his social media stance and would take advantage of team resources to “better educate” himself on LGBT issues.

The video Bass shared that drew the ire of leftist radicals came from online creator Ryan Miller. He called for believers to join forces and boycott Target for its aggressive Pride Month displays that featured several children’s LGBT items.

This followed the still-broiling backlash over Bud Light and its partnership with trangender influencer Dylan Mulvaney that saw the company’s market value tank since March.

Target has also lost billions in market capitalization, proving that conservatives have finally learned the value of the boycott. But Bass will apparently not be part of that movement.

He displayed none of the bravery and backbone shown by Los Angeles Dodgers pitchers Clayton Kershaw and Trevor Williams. The two Christians forcely spoke out against the team inexplicably honoring a drag group that regularly mocks Christians.

The online response to Bass’ apology was striking. One Twitter user posted, “This is serious. Anthony Bass is a professing Christian…Now he’s apologizing for “hurting” the “pride community” and he says he’ll “better educate” himself.

The user admonished Bass for “betraying Jesus and his conscience. Pray for him.”

Another took the Toronto Blue Jays to task for what he believed was obvious coercion. “How shameful you force him to make this idiotic statement and apologize for his beliefs.”

Still another said, “This is the most pathetic thing.”

Bass would have been better served by not posting anything about his personal beliefs if he was not willing to back it up. A pair of Dodgers pitchers apparently have no such issue.

As for Major League Baseball and other professional sports organizations, they should cease their political and cultural virtue signaling and stick to entertainment.