Missouri Abortion Law Passes

There have been some high profile wins recently for the Pro-life movement. Most notably the Supreme Court refusing to strike down the Texas ‘heartbeat’ law, which resulted in a 60 percent reduction in abortions in the first month of the law taking effect. Other states have taken note of these successes and have gotten creative in their attempts to curtail abortions. And their efforts have not been reserved only for their states, but in sister states as well.

Missouri passed a law which would allow for private citizens to sue anyone out of state who assists a Missouri citizen with an abortion. This would include people who transport individuals across state lines and doctors mailing abortion pills into Missouri after tele-medicine appointments.

The legislation is apparently a response to women inside of the state maneuvering around the state’s strict regulations surrounding abortions. One of these tactics has been to seek the procedure outside of the state.

Missouri’s law is based on the successful Texas pro-life legislation that relies on private citizens to enforce it. They even mirrored the damages that can be awarded by a judge, which can be as high as $10,000.

The law reportedly targets abortion clinics like the Planned Parenthood clinic in Illinois, which is located a short trip away from the state. The close proximity to a state with such drastically different laws has made it difficult for the state’s government to effectively protect the life of unborn children whose mothers are able to make a short trip to secure easier access to the life-ending procedure.

Missouri is following the lead of Texas in protecting the lives of their unborn citizens. And as the U.S. Supreme Court is currently constituted — with an arguably conservative majority — this law could be much more impactful than it was even meant to be.

The spread of these cleverly designed laws is a dream the pro-life movement has had for a long time, and the possibility that one of these laws could be affirmed as constitutional by a Supreme Court challenge is an exciting possibility for all conservatives.