Minors on Puberty Blockers Can Get Brain Swelling and Vision Loss According to the FDA

As the push to change children’s gender at the drop of a hat is embraced by many on the left, the dangerous side effects of such drastic measures are coming to light.

Gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH), more commonly known as puberty blockers, officially received a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The severe side effects listed are brain swelling and vision loss in children who are given the hormones.

Six girls, aged between 5 and 12, were diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri symptoms that mimic a brain tumor’s symptoms. The common denominator between the girls was their use of puberty blockers.

“Five were undergoing treatment for central precocious puberty and one for transgender care,” FDA officials report. “The onset of pseudotumor cerebri symptoms ranged from three to 240 days after GnRH agonist initiation.”

The patients experienced other side effects such as headaches, vomiting, high blood pressure, and brain swelling.

Crazily, warnings are not even currently on the blockers, with the FDA only recently deciding that warnings should be listed.

“Although the mechanism by which GnRH agonists may lead to development of pseudotumor cerebri has not been elucidated, and patients with CPP may have a higher baseline risk of developing pseudotumor cerebri compared with children without CPP,” an FDA spokesperson said. “This potential serious risk associated with GnRH agonists justifies inclusion in product labeling.”

President Joe Biden and his administration have been adamant about letting parents give their young, impressionable children gender transition drugs, regardless of the long-term side effects. Instead, the Democrats are calling it “gender-affirming care.”

“Gender affirming care is life-saving, medically necessary, age-appropriate, and a critical tool for health care providers,” Biden’s U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine said. “As a pediatrician, when it comes to making sure kids are healthy and happy, I know how important care that affirms someone’s true identity can be.”

On the opposite side, Florida’s Department of Health said Levin’s claims are entirely false and lacking facts.

“Based on the currently available evidence ‘encouraging mastectomy, ovariectomy, uterine extirpation, penile disablement, tracheal shave, the prescription of hormones which are out of line with the genetic make-up of the child, or puberty blockers, are all clinical practices which run an unacceptably high risk of doing harm,'” Florida’s Department of Health wrote in a memo.