Minnesota Communities ‘Walk Back’ Various COVID Restrictions

2022 is shaping up as the year of COVID mandates and restrictions meeting their end. Between the Canadian trucker convoy protests, Washington DC’s “Defeat the Mandates” rallies, reports of US trucker convoy protests, and more, it’s plain as day that people have had enough.

The world is entering its third year of being in this so-called pandemic. At the same time that leaders and so-called medical experts are telling everyone to engage in all these precautions, they’ve fired healthcare workers for refusing to take COVID vaccines.

Massive uprisings have created a situation where leaders realize no feasible solution lies ahead of striking down COVID restrictions. It explains some new changes in multiple Minnesota communities, per National Review.

In St. Paul and Minneapolis, the leaders have rolled back mandates that required individuals to have a negative COVID test or proof of COVID immunization to enter restaurants and bars.

The leaders and health officials of these cities maintain the removal of this policy was based on science. They also report that in both St. Paul and Minneapolis, deaths, and hospitalizations caused by coronavirus have declined.

Nevertheless, despite rolling back the vaccine and testing requirements, St. Paul and Minneapolis have opted to keep mask mandates in effect. Likewise, leaders of both cities made it clear that businesses wishing to implement mandates of their own volition are more than free to do so.

Minnesota isn’t the only blue state that has conveniently found reasons and excuses to roll back the very same mandates they remained determined to keep in place. Other Democrat-led states taking similar action include Illinois, New Jersey, California, etc.

Blue states are pulling back restrictions because the unpopularity of these measures has finally dawned on them. Democrats are beginning to remember that people who are angry about all that’s happened over the past two years will be able to vote.

Judging from the polls and historical patterns, Republicans are on track to getting back the House and the Senate. It terrifies Democrats. Therefore, they seek to avoid what’s become inevitable by doing away with some of these measures.

What’s happening now shows that mandates and lockdowns were never about real science. They were about Democrats seizing the opportunity to assert their dominance over others. Come November, and the American people will gladly return the favor by voting leftists out of Congress.