Millionaire Joy Behar Finds Voters’ Focus On The Economy ‘Sad And Depressing’

“The View” co-host Joy Behar, who has a reported net worth of $30 million and receives $7 million in annual salary, does not seem to understand why so many Americans rate the economy as one of the biggest concerns going into the midterm elections.

“I understand, I mean inflation has people — you can’t food on the table, it’s very depressing, and if you can’t put gas in your car, and you know inflation and rents and everything else is piling up because of various reasons, you know one of them is the pandemic,” Behar said.

She continued, “But to think that the other party is gonna be able to solve those problems is really ludicrous because the Republican Party is happy to let corporations never pay another tax the rest of their days, they will cut Social Security, they’re going to cut lunches for children.”

Behar, taking the line out of this election’s Democratic playbook, wants voters to focus on social issues like abortion, climate control, racial justice, and anything else that takes their mind off the economy, but that wish seems less and less likely.

With inflation at a 40-year high, gas prices increasing daily, and the economy heading for a recession it is easy to see why the main dominant issues just three weeks out from the midterm elections are inflation and the economy. According to a recent CNN article, as voters focus more on these two top issues, they also begin to side with Republican candidates.

While Raphael Warnock (R-GA), President Biden, and Joy Behar continue to push social issues and blame the economy woes on the pandemic, voters are looking for a change.

“Well, what’s depressing is that the New York Times released a poll today that says that 71% of voters agree that democracy is under threat. But only 7% of voters rank a threat to democracy as a major issue this election cycle,” Behar said.

When average Americans begin making millions of dollars, perhaps they will have the luxury to be “sad and depressed” when other people are more concerned with the economy than social issues. Until then, Democrats and the liberal media will continue to remain out of touch with Americans and push agendas like what they are right now.