Mick Mulvaney Attacks Mark Meadows Over Hutchinson Testimony

Former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney went on CNN’s “Tonight” to slam his successor Mark Meadows and said that he ran the West Wing like a “clown show.” Mulvaney also highlighted that Republicans should be watching the January 6 hearings.

Mulvaney said, “Mark seems to have gone through a very dark period. He was apparently, according to Cassidy, detached from the job. I don’t know if he was having some sort of event where he could not engage. But I think Mark is in a really strange place. And my guess is if he testifies, and he may be compelled to testify because he’s not under criminal indictment yet but a criminal referral to the Department of Justice. My guess is we’ll see him take the Fifth Amendment more often than not.”

Though Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony boosted ratings, there’s a high probability that she wasn’t being honest. There are Secret Service agents on standby who are willing to dispute Hutchinson’s testimony.

CNN anchor Kasie Hunt asked Mulvaney, “Do you think Mark Meadows betrayed the country with what we know now about his actions around January 6?”

Mulvaney responded, “That case is being made, but the hearings are not over. There may be five or six or eight witnesses that come out and say Cassidy was lying under oath, and I’ll be wrong about giving her the benefit of the doubt that I have up until this time. This process is not over, and we need to see it through to the end.”

Mulvaney said that Hutchinson’s testimony frightened him because of the way the West Wing was being run. Mulvaney said, “It wasn’t.” He then mentioned that people like Rudy Guiliani, Lin Wood, and Peter Navarro were taking up space and intelligent people were “disengaged.” He said it was a “clown show.”

Mulvaney then said, “It’s up to the chief of staff, me, Mark Meadows, John Kelly, to make sure the West Wing functions properly because there are protections in place to make sure things like January 6 don’t happen. And that system fell apart under Mark’s watch. While the president is ultimately responsible for the people he hires, the chief of staff bears a great deal of responsibility when it comes to running that office.”

Claiming that Meadows wouldn’t be the “most credible” person to testify in the January 6 hearings, Mulvaney pointed to Pat Cipollone as a more believable witness. At the very least, Mulvaney admitted that he could be wrong about Hutchinson’s testimony.