McAuliffe Busted For Running “Sophisticated” Phony Ads Against Youngkin

For years on end, Democrats in Virginia have managed to defeat Republicans in one election after the other handily. 

When Democrat Terry McAuliffe entered the Virginia gubernatorial race, he likely thought it would be a slam-dunk lap to victory. What McAuliffe doesn’t seem to have anticipated is stiff competition from Republican gubernatorial opponent Glenn Youngkin. 

McAuliffe pulled out all the stops to ensure his victory on November 2. He’s gotten every top Democrat from President Biden to former President Obama, Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, etc., to stump for him in one way or another. Yet, despite all this, polls still have McAuliffe tied with Youngkin at 46%. 

In light of all this, The Blaze now confirms McAuliffe’s been officially busted for running phony ads against Youngkin. 

This week, it came to light that the Virginia Democrat used disinformation websites that mirror legitimate news sources to boost his campaign and tarnish Youngkin’s image. One example of this comes in the form of a site known as ‘The Download Virginia.’

Through Facebook, McAuliffe employed The Download Virginia as a vehicle to distribute various attack ads against Youngkin. McAuliffe furthermore used another site, the Virginia Dogwood, for the same purposes. 

Both The Download Virginia and Virginia Dogwood are set to appear as real, unbiased sites that report the news. However, a deeper dive into these publications exposes them as platforms funded by leftists like George Soros, infamous for peddling left-wing misinformation. 

These are the lengths McAuliffe believes he must employ to avoid defeat on November 2. The Virginia Democrats used these websites to attack Youngkin’s views on vaccinations and a host of other issues. 

The McAuliffe campaign and the Democratic National Committee have declined to issue any public statements regarding this matter. It speaks volumes that McAuliffe hasn’t come out to explain himself or renounce the use of misinformation.

Meanwhile, as the McAuliffe campaign resorts to sneaky, underhanded tactics, Youngkin’s campaign is focused on bringing it home for the people of Virginia. Glenn Youngkin’s rallying across Virginia and speaking with members of the community. 

Unlike McAuliffe, Youngkin does believe that parents have a right to discuss their issues with school boards, especially when it comes to the curriculums being taught to their children. Many conservatives in and out of Virginia are now keeping their fingers crossed for a Youngkin victory come this Tuesday.