Mayor Pete Shows Disregard For Americans’ Struggles

At the top of the list of hardships facing Americans today are gas prices. For months on end, the costs of gas have been climbing repeatedly, with no end in sight.

US gas prices are so bad that the president of Mexico openly boasted in Joe Biden’s face about allowing Americans into the country just so they can buy gas at cheaper rates.

Biden helped set high gas prices in motion by reversing the energy policies set up during the Trump administration. The president and his aides made it clear that cracking down on domestic energy production was all about pushing a radical climate change agenda.

Now, as gas prices continue to haunt Americans, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is openly boasting about how this benefits electric vehicle usage.

The Latest From Buttigieg on Today’s Gas Prices
During a radio interview, the Transportation Secretary was very clear that the Biden administration views high gas prices as not a problem to be solved, but as a means to an end.

Buttigieg expressly stated the White House favors reducing electric vehicle costs (rather than gas prices) because driving these vehicles will help Americans save on gas in the long term. There was no mention of lowering gas prices barring the use of electric vehicles, however.

Before conceding that electric vehicle prices need to go down before Americans can afford them, the Transportation Secretary argued that higher car payments are countered by reduced prices of gas.

Naturally, Buttigieg took heat for prioritizing the agenda of widespread electric vehicle use over the unaffordable gas prices strangling Americans’ wallets. However, the Transportation Secretary’s remarks praising electric vehicles came at an ironic time.

Compromised Charging Abilities?
Roughly 24 hours after Buttigieg lauded electric vehicles, top manufacturer Tesla actually asked its consumers to steer clear of charging their vehicles from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM, due to a heat wave’s predicted impact on the Texas power grid.

This isn’t the only issue to come up concerning electric vehicle drivers actually being able to charge these devices. Weeks ago, in California, news broke that the state was struggling with the operations of its charging stations for electric vehicles.

In spite of these very clear problems with the widespread use of electric vehicles, the White House continues to push for this to be the new normal in transportation.