Mayor of Mariupol Claims That Over 10,000 Civilians Are Dead After Russian Siege

On Monday, the Mayor Vadym Boychenko of Mariupol, Ukraine, stated that over 10,000 civilians were dead due to the barbaric Russian occupation of the city.

In a telephone conversation with the Associated Press, he warned that this death toll could rise to over 20,000 and that dead bodies were already carpeting the streets. The Russians have brought in mobile crematoriums to dispose of the bodies. He explained that they seem like trucks, only that they incinerate the bodies thrown inside.

He added that around 120,000 civilians were in dire need of food and water. However, the mayor’s claims were not verified immediately. He did not state the source of his information as he gave detailed accounts of the Russian’s method of corpse disposal. Since it was very difficult to bury bodies, officials advised people to leave them in the streets. Two reporters from the Associated Press discovered mass graves filled with the bodies of children and adults who were victims of Russian violence.

These bodies were being thrown into an open trench to better the chances of everyone else’s survival. More bodies were being transported to these makeshift graves as airstrikes in the city continued to increase before the Russians took over. Now they are getting rid of the bodies through the crematoriums.

It is believed that the Russian military is regrouping for a targeted attack in Ukraine’s east in the Donbas territory. This was verified by the Austrian chancellor Karl Nehammar who met with the Russian president on Monday. He told the New York Times that the attack Putin is planning should not be underestimated in terms of violence. This attack will inflict more harm to the already suffering Ukrainian people.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby told the press that the US has noted that Russia is planning to regroup its forces in the Donbas area. They are also shifting their resources and artillery there as well. This new direction comes as Russia is being pushed back from the capital city of Kyiv by the Ukrainian forces. Russia’s defeat in Kyiv forced them to change route and focus on the eastern front instead.