Massive Migrant Crossings Continue Plaguing Southern Border

The Biden administration’s immigration policies are having nationwide consequences that are not good.

Just a handful of these consequences entail fentanyl coming across the border, children being put in harm’s way, and people living in border cities facing disruptions in their daily lives.

In spite of all this, the White House and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are not taking any steps to secure the border or put in place policies that discourage illegal immigration.

The consequences of this mean more border crossings and greater trouble for Border Patrol officials. Some of the latest events at the West Texas border area have greatly demonstrated the problems of illegal immigration.

Troublings News From the West Texas Border Area
Del Rio, Texas is seeing almost half of all large groups of migrants coming to the border. Somewhere along the line, the message was sent to migrants that this is the best place for them to try to make their entries.

Now, it’s quickly becoming all too much for Border Patrol officials to deal with. Just this past weekend alone, 1,780 migrants were stopped by border agents. These migrants were split into just eight groups.

Another huge issue at the West Texas border area is human smuggling. This is rampant, with Border Patrol officials intentionally being targeted by large amounts of migrants at the same time.

This is a known tactic used by human smugglers, many of whom are attempting to get into the United States from Mexico.

In many of these large migrant groups, hundreds of individuals are found. Needless to say, the resources at the southern border are not built to accommodate these massive numbers of border crossings in short time periods.

Pushback From the State Level
At this point, it’s very clear the Biden administration and DHS have zero intentions of amending their immigration policies to lessen the burdens faced by Border Patrol agents.

As a result of this, states are having to step up in order to push back against and hopefully disincentivize illegal immigration. Texas has begun doing this by shipping illegal immigrants to Washington DC for the White House to deal with.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) committed to sending illegal immigrants over to Delaware, which just so happens to be Biden’s home state. DeSantis also made it clear that individuals who illegally cross the border will not have an easy life in Florida.