Mainstream Media’s Approval Ratings Are In The Toilet

The mainstream media is not in good shape. At this point, it’s a well-known fact the media is far from unbiased or truthful. On a routine basis, the press regularly goes overboard to push their agenda on the American public, regardless of where facts and truth lie. 

Of course, the media and the leftists who love the bias deny any claims of wrongdoing. They allege people who speak about media bias are just paranoid or making things up. There’s no doubt that the media wants people to believe. But, this bad bill of goods is not selling. 

According to American Thinker, the mainstream media’s approval ratings are declining big time. 

While the media would like Americans to believe everything is fine and dandy, the data says otherwise. According to the Issues & Insights/Traditional Media Trust Index, a 16% drop has occurred over the most recent eight months. 

All in all, the American media isn’t doing all that well. The Issues & Insights/Traditional Media Trust Index revealed that people in Mexico, Brazil, and other nations trust their media more than their American counterparts. In and of itself, it truly speaks volumes. 

Despite the dismal media ratings, there is some insight into what the press can do to regain the public’s trust. First comes centering the story on news and facts rather than pushing a particular narrative. 

Next, the media should not hide stories that don’t align with their narratives. Finally, the media is urged to “minimize” any politically-motivated biases they may be harboring. 

Time will tell whether or not the mainstream media can regain the trust of the American public. Right now, the data shows they have quite a ways to go.

As more Americans lose trust in the media, they turn to their forms of media to learn what’s happening in the country and the world. It is especially true for conservatives in America. 

One American News Network (OANN) and Newsmax TV are great examples of thriving networks amid the rising demand for alternative media. 

More and more conservatives have started tuning into these networks. OANN and Newsmax TV have even scored interviews with top leaders and politicians in the conservative community. 

Time will tell whether or not the mainstream media is truly interested in regaining the public’s trust. However, as things currently stand, no one should hold their breath waiting for the mainstream media to change its ways.