Mainstream Media Is Being “Chastised” For Its Overt Bias

In 2022, it’s well-known that the mainstream media is highly biased in favor of the Democrat Party and leftists in general. The media gives Democrats a pass on things they’d never let slide with Republicans.

During the height of COVID shutdowns, the media went berserk over protesters who stood against business closures. They claimed these folks were selfish and evil for not doing what was supposedly the right thing by staying at home.

However, when Democrats went out to burn down communities or cheer in the streets after it was announced that Biden would become the next president, suddenly, the same media was silent.

All of a sudden, these gatherings weren’t declared as dangerous or a risk to the spread of COVID. As a new year plays out, the mainstream media continues with this outright bias against conservatives.

Thankfully, Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz just called the media out for this in the best way possible, as confirmed by TheBlaze.

On Tuesday, Republican lawmakers gathered in Washington D.C. to hold a press conference. However, rather than reporters listening to what the GOP members had to say, reporters went into the situation with an agenda, looking for a “gotcha” moment.

One media member proved this when questioning why none of the Republican lawmakers wore face coverings. Cruz first responded by noting the inherently hypocritical nature of reporters pressing Republicans on this matter.

As Cruz noted, the press never asks people like Joe Biden, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, and other Democrats who go maskless at media events why they aren’t wearing a mask. It came after the Texas senator noted that the lawmakers holding the press conference were vaccinated and likely boosted.

After noting that Fauci and other health officials have repeatedly changed their tune on masks, Cruz stated that if reporters press Republicans about using face coverings, they should extend the same equal treatment to Democrats.

Ironically, the press chose to question Republican congress members why they weren’t wearing face coverings this week.

Amid the surge of Omicron, news recently broke that cloth face coverings are useless in preventing this dominant variant’s spread. For just about two years, Americans have been told that face masks are essential to stopping the virus’ spread.

With this belief being debunked, this is all the more reason why the media shouldn’t be bullying Republicans who chose to forego face coverings.