Maher and Morgan Slammed the Left

Television Personalities Bill Maher and Pierce Morgan came together to blast the left’s “victim culture” that’s been destroying lives and led to an entire generation of people who feel that they’re entitled to other people’s property and money just because of a minority status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

During “Club Random with Bill Maher,” Maher spoke to Morgan about the current political position of the country. At one point, the film “Gone with the Wind” came up and Maher said, “By the way, that movie – entertaining as f***. And the people who need a disclaimer, this is the problem. You f****** babies. It’s 1939. Can’t you just see by the film stock that this was very different?”

The men and women today are much more sensitive today than they were when the film was created.

Maher continued, “Humans are like history in general, we evolve. Just celebrate, we’re not racist anymore and just be a grown-up.”

While Maher was talking, Morgan interrupted and said that comedy almost died because of the “woke mob” and that comedians can’t even tell jokes anymore without getting backlash.

Morgan continued, “And even that now needs a warning at the front in case anybody’s offended. What do they think is going to happen when you watch it? What happens to people? I mean do they sit there shaking?”

Maher said that it’s obvious that kids now don’t watch an episode of “Friends” without a trigger warning and a Klonopin. Maher also added that “It’s celebrated to be weak” which is very accurate. Maher added in, “Well, it’s the end of the empire.”

When content personalities from the left finally get the grasp that nobody wants government intervention in their lives, you know that there are problems.

Social media has given a voice to the left that used to not exist. Anyone can be whoever or whatever they want on social media but there should be a clear delineation between make believe and reality.