Loudoun County Supervisor Fired And Indicted Over Sexual Assault Coverup Allegations

Scott Ziegler, former superintendent of Loudoun County schools, was fired by the school board earlier this year and indicted by a grand jury on Monday.

The decision to fire him came after a study of damning evidence regarding the coverup of the rape of a minor girl in a bathroom of a Loudoun County school by a male student dressed in a skirt.

The rape took place in May last year in a gender-neutral bathroom at Stone Bridge High School in Virginia.

During earlier schoolboard hearings, Zeigler had denied any evidence of the rape existing, but a release of grand jury evidence shows that he lied about the events.

The male student in question moved schools and assaulted another girl at a different school, for which he was convicted in October.

Ziegler is facing misdemeanor counts of false publication, using his position to retaliate or threaten to retaliate against an employee and falsely firing the same employee.

Scott Smith, the father of one of the girls who were sexually assaulted in the Loudoun County schools, said on Fox News that all of this was coming “a year or two late.” Scott went on to blame the school district for hiding behind Zeigler when they were all responsible as well.

“So, unfortunately, today we are not celebrating,” Smith said. “He’s just one of many that hurt my child and many others.”

In 2021, the arrest of Smith at a Loudoun County school board meeting where he was voicing his indignation over the denial of his 16-year-old daughter’s rape brought national attention to the “woke” agenda of school districts like Loudoun County. The arrest was a catalyst in the national parents’ rights movement, which paved the way for the election of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

On Tuesday, The Loudoun County School Board faced a furious parent body following the indictments and discussed multiple changes to its policies.

Scott Smith addressed the school board and demanded that division counsel Robert Falconi be fired as well. The victim’s mother, Jessica Smith, also gave testimony.

Elicia Brand, President of “Army Of Parents” told Fox 5 that she was “disgusted” after reading the grand jury report and that parents were not aware of the “extent” to which the school board had hidden evidence from them.

In an interview with ABC 7, Smith said that he hoped criminal charges would come out of this and that this was”just the tip of the iceberg.”