Los Angeles Mayor Tries To ‘Evade Accountability’ For Breaking His Own Mask Rules

Since the inception of various COVID restrictions being put in place, supposedly for the good of public health, there’s been a concerning pattern. This pattern entails the same health officials and politicians violating the same rules and guidance they demand everyone else to follow.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci, and health official Deborah Birx are many leaders who break their very same COVID mandates they claim to save lives.

As time passes, and as public sentiment turns against these restrictions, the tolerance for leaders who implement these rules yet can’t bother to abide by them is getting lower and lower.

Mayor Garcetti is currently in the hot seat for breaking his own mask rules multiple times. However, Fox News reports the Los Angeles Democrat is now trying to downplay his hypocrisy.

At this time, Mayor Garcetti has been caught at various sports games maskless and, therefore, against his directive. The Mayor’s responses to getting caught have become increasingly ridiculous with each new incident to make matters worse.

First, the Los Angeles Democrat claimed that when he went maskless for a selfie with Magic Johnson, he “held his breath” to avoid the possible spread of COVID.

Then, in new remarks to Fox Los Angeles, Garcetti claims there’s no real story of being caught at the Super Bowl, violating his mask requirement yet again. The Los Angeles Mayor claimed that he only went maskless when he was consuming food or drink.

Newsom, Garcetti, and Breed’s repeated violations of their mask mandates have angered the people of California.

In fact, since the California Governor, Los Angeles Mayor, and San Francisco Mayor broke their own mask rules, multiple high school students in California protested with their refusal to wear face coverings. Of course, the left-wing school districts were stunned by this.

Many of the students were caught on video asking why they should have to cover their noses and mouths all day if the Governor of California doesn’t have to do it.

Thus far, none of the California Democrats have shared a reasonable answer to this question. However, if leaders and officials want to keep pushing mandates and then not abide by them, they should anticipate more and more pushback.