Los Angeles Democrat Mayor Says The Least “Believable Lie” Ever

The state of California remains under heavy leftist control. With Democrat voters in the Golden State outnumbering Republican voters by nearly two to one, there’s a substantial likelihood the state will remain under leftist control forever.

However, over the past week, California Democrats have landed in some controversy for once again breaking the very same COVID rules they’ve put in place for the people of their state.

Over the weekend, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was one of several California Democrats who attended the NFL game without wearing a face covering. Meanwhile, children in California are stuck with mask mandates in schools. Every day adults in California are even forced to mask up.

Amid Garcetti breaking his own COVID rules, many people had questions and not-so-positive feedback. However, as the Next News Network reports, the Democrat mayor of Los Angeles has dug himself into an even greater hole by telling one of the minor believable lies to justify breaking his mandates.

When the mayor of Los Angeles was asked why he chose to forgo wearing a face mask despite California’s mask mandate, his explanation raised some eyebrows.

Garcetti, when he was photographed with sports star Magic Johnson, Garcetti took his mask off, held his breath, and put his mask back on. The Los Angeles mayor made this claim without hesitation and expected the general public to believe him.

Garcetti has been widely criticized for making such an asinine comment and believing that folks would take it at face value. The Los Angeles mayor, quite frankly, should be ashamed of himself for insulting people’s intelligence by telling such a blatant falsehood.

Despite the mayor of Los Angeles lying through his teeth when questioned about violating his mask mandate, it’s important not to miss the bigger picture.

Democrats like Garcetti believe they are above the rules. The Los Angeles mayor has no problem implementing his high-handed, inflexible COVID mandates for the people who live in his city.

However, Garcetti’s flouting of these edicts shows that he does not believe in them any more than most folks do. No one believes the Los Angeles mayor held his breath while going maskless at last weekend’s sports game.

This past weekend isn’t the first time Democrats have landed in hot water for making rules and then disregarding them. If leaders can’t follow their COVID mandates and restrictions, then no one else should be expected to either.