Looting Sprees Take A Turn For The Worst

Democrats’ kid-glove approach to crime has become a menace to public safety. In blue cities across the nation, stores are subjected to violent thieves who have no problem smashing and grabbing merchandise.

It’s worth noting as Democrats claim to care for working-class Americans, their policies are putting working people in danger. When stores are looted in blue cities, the employees of the establishments often become casualties, suffering from outbursts of physical violence from the looters.

Republicans warned this would happen. Republicans repeatedly told Democrats that coddling criminals would not result in a happy ending. However, Democrats did not listen, and now, Red State reports the murderous turn looting sprees are taking in the United States.

On Black Friday, looters in California decided it was open season to steal whatever they wanted. These criminals didn’t allow anything or anyone to stand in their way, either.

Looting sprees are getting increasingly more violent. At least two security guards overseeing stores in California have been killed by looters who were in the middle of stealing goods and did not want to be stopped.

On Friday, a mall shooting broke out in Durham, North Carolina. The shooting resulted in someone as young as 10-year-old being hit amid shots fired.

With the rise in looting, many of these criminals are showing up to places armed and ready to mow down anyone who tries to stop them from stealing. Of course, Democrats will seize the opportunity to blame firearms for the problem rather than their lax crime policies.

The events above clearly signal a pattern of escalation. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has not so much as released a statement on this matter.

Lethal looting sprees happening across the nation should be all the evidence needed to point to why slapping criminals on the wrist does nothing. The more criminals can get away with acts of lawlessness, the more daring they become.

It has been proven time and time again via various studies and just by observing history. Contrary to leftist beliefs, being tough on crime isn’t racist. Tough on crime policies protect Americans of all races and walks of life from criminals now accessible in leftist cities.

Democrats need to take action, and they need to do so quickly. Lives are at stake, and supporting law and order in this country should not be a partisan matter. If Democrats don’t get a hold of these situations, more lives will perish as a result.