Lindsey Graham Defends Biden From ‘Sinister’ Accusations

As more and more discoveries of classified documents in Joe Biden’s newest scandal, which curiously has captured an extreme amount of attention from the mainstream media, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) offered the senile White House occupant support, telling reporters that he does not believe there was any type of “sinister” activity.

This came after a report last week from The Washington Free Beacon showed Biden’s son operating the Corvette that was said to be parked next to a group of classified documents found in Biden’s Wilmington residence.

“If Hunter Biden did have access to the classified materials, it could raise national security concerns,” the article published on Jan. 18 reportedly said. “The younger Biden has been accused of leveraging his father’s name to strike lucrative foreign business deals, and he is under federal investigation for tax fraud.”

The aforementioned remarks of the South Carolina senator seem to fly against claims by other Republicans about the discovered documents revealing more evidence about the alleged corruption of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. As Newsweek wrote, “Graham’s comments appear to undermine claims by some on the right who have raised questions over whether Biden’s son, Hunter, could have accessed the documents while under scrutiny for his business dealings overseas.”

Graham has offered a public, emphatic defense of Joe Biden following serious allegations in the past. In 2020, the South Carolina senator told Fox News he had doubts over sexual assault allegations leveled against Biden by a former Senate staffer.

“The Joe Biden I know, I’ve never seen anything [or] believed that he would do anything like this until you convince me otherwise,” Graham said at the time.

He has also offered high praises for Biden’s character, getting choked up in tears when speaking about his friendship with then-Vice President Joe Biden in 2015, saying he is, “as good a man as God has ever created.”

“If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person… you’ve got a problem,” stated Graham.

Upon being asked why the press was not informed of Biden’s alleged mishandling of classified documents until the 2022 midterm elections had concluded despite being discovered days prior, Graham reportedly answered that Trump and Biden should both field questions regarding the topic.