Lightfoot Bussing Illegal Migrants Out Of ‘Sanctuary City’ Chicago

Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s blistering criticism of Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for busing illegal migrants away from his jurisdiction is ringing hollow as she is now doing the exact same thing. Lightfoot defiantly claimed that Chicago welcomed the illegals to the Windy City just two weeks ago, but is now sending them away to suburbs that have GOP leadership.

Burr Ridge, Illinois, Mayor Gary Grasso is one Republican leader who is calling out Lightfoot for her hypocrisy obviously calculated to be a political “gotcha.” His Chicago suburb saw 64 illegals come into town on a bus trip arranged by Lightfoot. The migrants were dropped off without notice at a local hotel.

Texas sent 147 migrants to Chicago by bus last week, and immediately after they arrived last Wednesday the city sent the busload of 64 to a Hampton Inn in Burr Ridge.

Grasso told Fox News that he sees the migrants being used by Lightfoot and Democrat Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker as “political pawns.” He noted that Pritzker apparently directed Lightfoot to send the group to the Burr Ridge hotel after the same business accepted several refugees from Afghanistan last year after Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal of U.S. military forces from that war-torn nation.

He said that just because the hotel had been used previously for that purpose does not “give carte blanche to the governor or the mayor to send a couple of bus loads of migrants to our village without telling us.” He pointed out that the crisis caused by the Biden administration on the southern border is different from the crisis it created through the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Grasso added that his city is “more than happy for people to find freedom,” but added that there must be a political motive behind Lightfoot’s decision to send the small group of illegals away from her city of millions.

“Why are they sending them out to the Republican suburbs? You have to wonder,” Grasso said.

The Illinois Department of Human Services issued a statement indicating the migrants are being provided “temporary shelter in urban and suburban hotels that have provided refuge for vulnerable families from Afghanistan and other parts of the world.” It went on to say that the state would remain “committed to helping welcome” any illegal migrants that are sent there from Texas.

Meanwhile, Lightfoot continues to stand behind her claim that it is Abbott who is the one without “morals, humanity or shame.”