Life Gets Tougher For NYPD Amid COVID Vaccine Mandates

COVID vaccine mandates are happening across the United States. Republicans are working hard to fight them via lawsuits and specific measures at the state level. However, in communities under firm leftist control, things are getting worse.

New York City is one example. Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio has chosen to press forward with COVID vaccine mandates. Last week, first responders in the Empire State protested across the Brooklyn Bridge and in front of de Blasio’s home. But the tyrannical mayor refuses to back down.

In a nutshell, de Blasio hopes that city workers will kowtow to his mandate if he holds out long enough, thereby saving the city from massive shortages. As PJ Media notes, this isn’t working out so well.

COVID vaccine mandates had exacerbated already-existing woes from New York defunding police back in 2020. The irony of this cannot be missed, seeing as New York is a city more in need of law enforcement than many red states across the nation.

Nevertheless, life is getting brutal for officers in New York. Hundreds of jobs have been cut from the force. Meanwhile, hiring new officers is getting harder, and staffing shortages drive up stress for everyone involved.

To top it all off, New York City officers report low morale due to the overall anti-police culture that thrives amongst leftists. A detective working in the Bronx stated that while anti-police culture isn’t as outright as in 2020, it’s still very much alive and well.

It does not help that New York and New York City are both gripped by leftist leaders. Neither Governor Hochul nor Mayor de Blasio has any interest in listening to officers’ concerns. Red states like Florida and Indiana have started inviting police officers suffering in blue states to transition and work for communities that care about them.

Like many other leftist states, crime is a severe issue in New York. It is worsened by the state defunding police and now essentially firing first responders for not taking the COVID vaccine.

Right now, New York might as well be an open season for criminals looking to engage in lawlessness and not be held accountable. The news of fewer police officers on the force is a breeding ground for chaos and destruction.

If the Democrat leaders of New York do not smarten up very soon, New York will quickly regress into what resembles a third-world nation.