Leftists Are In Complete Denial About COVID

How US leaders and officials have gone about handling COVID has been one of the biggest travesties in modern history.

From lockdowns to shelter-in-place directives, capacity restrictions on businesses, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates, none of what the so-called medical experts claimed would beat this virus has worked.

Yet, even as COVID cases and their different variants surge (with most of the country’s citizens vaccinated), Democrats are doubling down on the same ineffective policies and lies.

One of the greatest lies of all that leftists keep repeating is that COVID boils down to a pandemic of folks who remain unvaccinated against the virus. As PJ Media notes, assertions of this nature are now willfully ignorant.

Omicron has revealed some inconvenient facts that leftists don’t want to acknowledge because they do not keep with pro-mandate narratives.

For starters, since the inception of Omicron, there have been countless rises in folks testing positive for the virus, despite the immunizations and booster shots they love so much. Omicron’s first documented case was in a man within California, a state with heavy COVID mandates.

Secondly, Omicron itself disproves the narrative that anyone who remains unvaccinated is somehow posing harm to folks around them. COVID and its variants can get anyone, whether they’re vaccinated or not.

However, Omicron is one of the milder coronavirus strains, with very low hospitalizations and deaths stemming from this strain. The Omicron symptoms are nearly identical to that of the common cold.

Democrats who continue to scream that everyone must be vaccinated no matter what are looking more foolish by the day. The science and data do not support this, despite how much the left wants to use this virus to shut down freedom and bring communism into full reign.

At this time, the Supreme Court has already begun hearing out the ongoing legal arguments against Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates. Judging from deliberations thus far, the Supreme Court appears likely to strike down Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate impacting businesses with over 100 workers on the beat.

If leftists had their way, no one would be able to leave their homes without double masks and proof of COVID vaccination plus boosters. If nothing else, the nation’s highest court must rule against Biden’s vaccine mandate that would reach millions of workers in the United States.

Leftist lies are old, tiresome, and disproven. They cannot shape policies and decisions being made for one second longer.