Leftist Lies About “Voting Rights” Fail To Hold Up

In a bid of desperation, the Democrat Party has been telling a series of lies about elections and voting in the United States. One of the biggest lies of all to come from the left is that Republicans are somehow making systemic moves to infringe on the voting rights of various demographics, specifically minorities.

Democrats, therefore, want the nation to believe that the only hope for democracy is if they pass a series of radical election bills.

The reality is the legislation favored by the hard left would make it so that states cannot require voter ID. They would also covertly force US taxpayers to funnel money into Democrat candidates’ campaigns.

It is only the tip of the iceberg. However, the Senate filibuster remains a roadblock to Democrats completely taking over the country’s elections. Democrats, therefore, tried to kill the filibuster. However, as PJ Media covers, this didn’t work so well for them.

Despite the talking points from the radical left, filibustering is an essential part of the system of checks and balances. Over decades, Democrats had repeatedly used and championed the Senate filibuster when it worked for them politically.

On Wednesday, the Senate held a vote on removing the filibuster. Out of 100 senators, 48 voted to axe the measure. However, 52 senators voted to keep the filibuster in effect. These 52 senators included all 50 Republicans and two Democrats, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

Sinema and Manchin’s vote in favor of the filibuster was expected. Both moderate Democrats made it clear they would not support a takedown of the filibuster, citing the measure as necessary for democracy in the United States.

Progressive Democrats, nevertheless, were furious that their lies about “voting rights” did not pan out and get the filibuster whacked. Biden took to Twitter on Wednesday night, stating that he was not pleased about the Senate keeping the filibuster in place.

Despite what Democrats want the country to believe, voting rights are very much alive and well in the United States. None of the election security legislation passed in various Republican states has infringed on Americans’ rights to participate in elections.

Leftists wanted to pass not “voting rights” legislation but bills that would rig elections favor the Democratic Party. Good for the bipartisan lawmakers in the Senate for taking a stand against radical leftist tyranny.