Leftist ‘Attacks’ Against Virginia Governor ‘Hit A Wall’

For the first time in over ten years, the commonwealth of Virginia has a Republican in the Governor’s mansion. Virginia also has a GOP lieutenant governor and attorney general who are willing to get their boots on the ground and bring much-needed healing to the commonwealth.

Governor Glenn Youngkin was sworn into office as the 74th Governor of Virginia the weekend before last. Youngkin’s win arrived after a hard-fought run against establishment Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who previously served as Virginia’s Governor.

As Governor, Youngkin’s made it clear that he won’t stand for nanny-state authoritarianism like critical race theory, freezing parents out of their kids’ education, heavy-handed COVID mandates from the state, etc.

Democrats are coming after Governor Youngkin with all they have in light of these details. However, this is massively backfiring, as RedState covers.

In a nutshell, Democrats are running with a narrative that asserts that Youngkin’s “narrow” win over McAuliffe somehow invalidates his authority to implement critical reforms in the commonwealth.

The Washington Post is one of the loudest sources to peddle this narrative. Days ago, the profoundly leftist publication slammed Governor Youngkin for implementing executive power, despite having only won the commonwealth by a “two-point margin.”

It is supposed to be the left’s ultimate “gotcha” card against the Virginia governor. Yet, what it does is point out just how poorly Democrats have failed the commonwealth.

The same people pointed out that Youngkin narrowly beat McAuliffe and failed to determine who helped him win. Believe it or not, Youngkin’s voters were not just Republicans. Many Democrats, including those who voted for Biden in 2020, also voted for Youngkin to be their Governor.

Youngkin managed to garner a bipartisan coalition of voters to connect with voters on matters. While Democrats like McAuliffe were telling parents they didn’t have a right to voice concerns about children’s education, Youngkin vowed to include parents in the education process.

A win is a win. Youngkin won the Virginia gubernatorial election. Meanwhile, McAuliffe’s bid for the governorship was soundly rejected in a previously led state.

With the leadership of Governor Youngkin, along with Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears and Attorney General Jason Miyares, the commonwealth can finally begin to heal and come back from more than a decade of failed leadership.

Democrats failed in Virginia, and voters responded accordingly. The political left should accept this and learn from last year’s election, rather than throwing temper tantrums each time they disagree with the Governor’s policies.