Left Unloads on Manchin — Again — After Abortion Vote

Anger and scorn rained down on Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) after he voted with Senate Republicans Wednesday to doom legislation that would enshrine abortion rights. Words like “coward,” “corrupt,” and “scumbag” flew at the senator almost immediately.

Democrats knew full well that the proposed measure, which needed 60 votes to pass, was hopeless. Two moderate GOP senators along with Manchin were considered swing votes, and they all opposed the sweeping measure.

It was, however, a chance to get every senator’s vote on the record ahead of the November midterms.

For his part, Manchin generally sides with Democrats on this issue and says he supports codification of Roe. However, he claims that the Women’s Health Protection Act is actually an “expansion” of Roe and too broad.

Manchin asserted that supporters of the act are trying to convince Americans that it simply codified abortion when that’s not the case. The bill would supersede state laws requiring parental notification or consent. Laws protecting doctors who oppose abortion would also be struck down.

The West Virginia maverick’s pattern of impeding high-profile Democratic plans continues. Another pattern is predictable, and that’s the hatred that leftists spew in his direction after these votes. On Wednesday, it was a sight to behold.

Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko complimented Manchin on being a “corrupt Republican scumbag.” Activists and pro-abortion pastor John Pavlovitz accused the senator of being a “coward and a grifter” who makes legislative decisions for monetary gain.

Nina Turner, former Ohio state senator and close supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders, complained that Manchin makes $174,000 a year to say “nah.” She then went further and called it “pathetic that he is allowed to keep his committee assignments.

So now Democrats want to strip committee assignments from their own party members? That could get interesting.

Never to be left out of a good unhinged tirade, MSNBC’s Joy Reid jumped online to accuse the GOP of “religious tyranny.” This was followed by a message to all women that they are on the Republican Party’s “menu.”

Leftists loudly praised the courage of the late Sen. John McCain when he bucked his party to block the repeal of Obamacare. But when one of their own has the courage to stand on principle, it is akin to treason and must be scorned and punished.