Lawmaker Blames ‘Christian Nationalists’ For Parental Notification Policy

Although many far-left lawmakers and activists insist that public schools should keep parents in the dark if their children begin using alternate identities and switch their pronouns, a growing number of concerned Americans are pushing for legislation that takes the power from educational bureaucrats and gives it back to parents.

Even in the deep-blue state of California, one school district has bucked the current trend by approving a policy that would ensure parents are notified within three days of their student’s request to be identified as a different gender.

Of course, state officials did not take kindly to this move and Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta filed a lawsuit against the Chino Valley Unified School District.

The legal action received enthusiastic support from fellow leftists state legislator Corey Jackson, who issued a statement thanking Bonta “for leading on this issue” and disparaging the motives of those who favor the parental-notification policy.

“We must protect our most vulnerable LGBTQ children,” he insisted. “This has nothing to do with parent rights, but everything to do with a Christian nationalists movement who is trying to gain political power by attacking minority groups.”

For his part, Bonta insisted that the policy amounts to the “forced outing” of students who identify as transgender, going on to describe keeping parents informed about fundamental changes in their children’s behavior as if it were a bad thing.

“The policy also requires notification if a student requests to use facilities or participates in programs that don’t align with their sex on official records,” a statement from the attorney general’s office stated.

To its credit, the school district remains committed to fighting for parental rights despite the intimidation tactics of Bonta and other state leaders.

Board President Sonja Shaw even predicted that the lawsuit will backfire by emboldening other districts across the state to take similar steps toward prioritizing parental notification.

“I think it’s been made very clear that they will try to use their bullying tactics,” she said. “And I don’t think it’s working anymore because you have him citing things in there that are not even law. So he’s trying to make new law without having it go through the proper process. So I think people see that now. I don’t think that people are scared of that.”