LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Has Tunnel Vision

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is thankfully barred from running again due to term limits. In an interview with Bloomberg, he was asked why people were leaving the city in droves. Garcetti responded by saying that the main reason was the skyrocketing housing prices. The median single-family home has gone up 84% since the mayor took office. No doubt some people are leaving because it is extremely difficult to purchase a home there with a normal salary. The mayor conveniently forgets some of the other ills that have beset the city in the last nine years.

There are many things to choose from but let us start with the homelessness epidemic. A staggering 75 percent of those polled say that solving the homelessness problem should be the top priority for newly elected officials. You will rarely find a poll on anything with that much agreement but across the board people are beginning to feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods. Nothing will make people move faster from a city than feeling as if their children and family are at risk. The daily scenes of the homeless wandering around all parts of the city are a reminder that you must be on constant guard.

Another issue for Angelinos is the dramatic increase in crime. Los Angeles has witnessed some of the most brazen daytime robberies in the nation. Scenes like this are common.

Then there are the flash mob smash and grab retail store robberies. Home invasions are also on the rise. As inflation continues to pummel Americans, there will undoubtedly be a rise in crime of all types. No one wants to live in a place where crime is commonplace. Finally, there are the draconian Covid Mandates. As the rest of the country begins to relax its restrictions, Governor Gavin Newsome has decided to keep his emergency powers.

Yes, high housing prices are a factor in people choosing to leave Los Angeles. But Mayor Garcetti refuses to acknowledge the other factors that have arisen under his watch that have changed the City of Angeles into a shell of its former self.