Kevin McCarthy Just Showed The Left Who’s The Boss

The Build Back Better legislation Democrats are currently working to pass through Congress and President Biden’s desk for a signature into law is a nightmare.

There are so many wrong elements of this bill. However, the provisions that would weaponize the IRS to target anyone who spends more than $28 per day and give money to illegal immigrants are some ringing examples.

Biden’s agenda isn’t about “building” anything back better. It’s about the president’s agenda to codify socialism and tell the country to shut up and be happy about it.

This past Thursday, however, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy was having none of it. As PJ Media reports, McCarthy quite literally took a historic stand against this sham of a bill.

Ahead of the House voting on Build Back Better, McCarthy spent exactly 8.5 hours talking about why this bill is horrible. The House Minority Leader went into great detail about how Build Back Better does nothing but intrude in the lives of America, trample on citizens’ rights, and run up the national deficit.

Displeased House Democrats interrupted McCarthy several times before they left the chambers; however, this didn’t stop the House Republican. McCarthy made it very clear that his message was to the American people at home, not the Democrats in Washington D.C.

The House Minority Leader’s speech on Thursday night into Friday morning was historic because it broke the speaking record set by Nancy Pelosi back in 2018. Americans were free to tune into McCarthy’s speech live, seeing as streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Despite McCarthy’s historic speech, the House of Representatives ultimately passed Build Back Better through their chamber. Nevertheless, this battle is far from over, seeing as the onus is now on the Senate to approve or reject it.

All 50 Republicans will oppose the socialist legislation. That is a given. However, Biden and his allies may have trouble with moderate Democrat senators like Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.
Both lawmakers have been outspoken about concerns regarding spending and too much government in the roles of Americans’ lives. At the very least, Build Back Better is highly unlikely to pass through the Senate in its current form.

Manchin and Sinema are expected to want changes and spending cuts made before voting for the legislation. It should be interesting to witness this all play out over the next several weeks.