Kentucky High School Graduate Denied Diploma After Praising Jesus In ‘Off Script’ Speech

Micah Price, a recent graduate of Campbell County High School in Alexandria, Kentucky, was denied his diploma for five days after he deviated from his pre-approved graduation speech to deliver a passionate message about the importance of accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

During the May 24 ceremony at Northern Kentucky University’s Truist Arena, Price, who was permitted to thank his “lord and savior Jesus Christ,” went beyond the approved script, declaring, “Class, everyone in the audience today, I’m here to tell you if you don’t have any of those things in your life, you can’t seem to find the answer, my lord and Savior is your answer he will give you the truth, the way and the life.”

Following the speech, Price was informed by a principal that he would have to go before the school board and explain his actions, as he had violated the school’s rules by going “off script.” In a TikTok video, Price acknowledged that he was “in the wrong technically” for going against the school’s code.

Superintendent Shelli Wilson emphasized that all speakers were warned that deviating from their submitted speeches or making unplanned choices at graduation could have repercussions. She noted that while many in the community are proud of Price’s beliefs and are practicing Christians themselves, the principal had to consider the possibilities of students going off the planned program.

Five days after the ceremony, Price met with school officials to explain why he “veered” from his speech and was finally given his diploma. He told Local 12, “I went against the rules, I should be punished. But also, I can simply not enter a place or a building and not talk about my Savior and urge people to give their life to him.”