Katy Perry Says Moving to Kentucky Has Reminded Her That ‘Hollywood is not America’

Pop singer Katy Perry recently moved to Kentucky and has discovered that living in the Bluegrass State is an “amazing experience,” after realizing that she had been living in a bubble and that “Hollywood is not America.”

Perry recently appeared on an episode of comedian Chelsea Handler’s podcast “Dear Chelsea” to talk about her experience.

“I’m like, living in Kentucky, and I have for almost a month now,” Perry told the host.

“And that’s quite an amazing experience,” the singer continued. “Because it reminds you that Hollywood is not America.”

“You need to remember that,” Perry added. “Because I think you can understand people better.”

“Yeah, right,” Handler replied. “It’s nice to get outside of what you know to be normal and your reality.”

“Yeah, I mean they’re living in a bubble of sorts,” Perry responded. “We’re living in a bubble. Our bubbles are completely opposite. But they’re — it’s interesting.”

Handler mentioned that Perry was raised in a “super religious” family, as her parents – Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson – are Pentecostal pastors.

The 37-year-old singer has noted in the past that she grew up in a strict religious household in Santa Barbara, California.

“I wasn’t ever able to say I was ‘lucky’ because my mother would rather us say that we were blessed, and she also didn’t like that lucky sounded like Lucifer,” Perry told Rolling Stone during an interview in 2010. “Deviled eggs were called ‘angeled’ eggs. I wasn’t allowed to eat Lucky Charms, but I think that was the sugar. I think my mom lied to me about that one.”

“Speaking in tongues is as normal to me as ‘Pass the salt,’” she added. “It’s a secret, direct prayer language to God.”

Perry – who has long been known as a diehard supporter of the Democratic Party – also has the word “Jesus” tattooed on her wrist.

Handler told Perry that she has lived in many different bubbles in her life.

“You’ve been in different bubbles cause you grew up in a bubble,” the comedian said. “You grew up super religious, yeah, and that’s one bubble. Then you came into this industry, that’s another bubble. Right?”

“It’s an anthropology study of humans,” Perry replied.

The singer went on to reveal that having a child has been the “best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.”

After having a baby, Perry realized that priorities in life really do change.

“Stuff that you thought was important was really never important,” she said. “Your family really starts to become first.”

Perry and her partner, actor Orlando Bloom, had their daughter Daisy in August of 2020.

Watch the interview below: