Kamala Harris Proves Her Utter Disconnect With The Nation

Vice President Kamala Harris has some genuine problems. For starters, she’s looking at a 28% approval rating. It comes after a year of her doing nothing to fix the crisis on the southern border, despite being selected by the president as the point person to handle the matter.

As Harris’ favorability remains at a historic low, she’s blaming it on the reality that she’s not white or male. Somehow, the vice president doesn’t seem to understand that it’s not her race or gender that makes her unlikeable; it’s the policies she supports and the administration she’s a part of.

Recently, the New York Times came out with reports that Harris has been meeting and conversing with Hillary Clinton about improving her image with the public. It amused many Americans, considering that Clinton may even be more unlikable than Harris.

As it turns out, though, a recent interview the vice president gave is highly unlikely to bolster her image with the American people, as documented by Breitbart News.

During a “Face the Nation Interview”, Harris declared that getting to a place where she’s “in a bubble” and out of touch with Americans is her most significant concern. The vice president also talks about how she wishes she would have gotten out of Washington DC more frequently.

These comments have Americans talking, albeit not for the reasons the vice president may wish. After all, if Harris’ greatest concern is being in a bubble and disconnected from the country, then she’s already there.

The vice president is the right hand to an administration pushing horrible reforms that bring the United States to its knees. Harris supports the Build Back Better Act. She recently traveled across the country to promote a new infrastructure law amid polls showing that most Americans are worried about inflation.

Harris is indeed in a bubble that makes her out of touch. The same is also true for Joe Biden and the other administration members.

If Harris were genuinely concerned about being in tune with where Americans stand, she would listen to what people say. She’d realize that people are wrestling with inflation and could altogether care less about a new infrastructure package when they can barely pay bills.

The vice president could very well escape her bubble of aloofness if she wanted to. However, it would no longer make her a suitable fit for the Biden Administration that is hellbent on tearing the nation to shreds.