Kamala Harris Panned For Remarks Made During Black History Month Event

Vice President Kamala Harris is second in command to the Biden administration.

Unfortunately for the rest of the nation, the Biden administration had done a horrible job leading the United States. Worst yet, Biden remains in deep denial about the fact that his presidency is not rocking out the way he claims it is.

Poll after poll shows that the nation’s people aren’t happy with Biden and Harris’s direction in America. It is why Republicans remain on course to taking back control of Congress and significantly blunting the harm Biden can do during the second half of his tenure.

As things get worse and worse for the Biden administration, the vice president certainly isn’t helping. Not too long ago, Harris made some remarks about elections at an event celebrating Black History Month. Although, as confirmed by TheBlaze, the vice president’s commentary wasn’t well received.

While sharing remarks at last month’s Black History Month event, Harris declared that elections in the United States “matter.” She didn’t let it go there, though.

The vice president followed up by claiming the American people “ordered” what they wanted with their votes and then subsequently received what they wanted.

Harris took considerable backlash via social media over her statements about elections and voters getting what they wanted.

Sen. Ted Cruz, for instance, pointed out that Americans never wanted shuttered schools, attacks on US energy, inflation or the series of foreign policy nightmares caused by the Biden administration.

Likewise, Arkansas GOP gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders noted that elections matter. Sanders then went on to say November’s midterm elections are going to be a referendum on Biden’s various failures and the negative consequences of his policies.

Other critics noted that judging from various polls showing more than half of America disapproving of Biden, people indeed haven’t received what they wanted.

Harris’ tone-deaf remarks about Americans getting what they wanted to come one day before Biden delivered his State of the Union speech.

The president’s speech was riddled with outright lies and statements that clarify that Biden is living in an alternate universe. Likewise, the president didn’t hesitate to prop himself up and falsely claim that his various initiatives, such as the American Rescue Plan, have engendered success.

Once Biden and Harris are finally out of the White House, only then will the American people finally get what they want.