Kamala Harris Facing ‘Dismal Approval Ratings’ In Her Home State

Like Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t had the best approval ratings. In fact, in some cases, the ratings of the vice president have been even worse than those of Biden’s.

In 2021, Harris didn’t do any favors after Biden selected her as the czar for the southern border.

It took massive public pressure for the Vice President even to take a trip down to the southern border. Then, when Harris finally visited the border, she steered clear of the areas suffering the worst impacts from illegal immigration.

To this day, the southern border remains in shambles. Border Patrol officials continue to be overwhelmed, frustrated, and undermined by an Administration that won’t enforce the immigration laws of the United States.

In light of this, it’s no shock that Harris’ approval ratings are low nationwide. However, seeing as the Vice President is from the deep blue state of California, people might assume she is well-beloved there.

This assumption would be incorrect, as documented by PJ Media.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Vice President’s approval rating stands at a meager 38%. Meanwhile, 46% of Californians disapprove of Harris.

For many people, this came as a surprise. The Vice President has profound roots in the Golden State and has won elections there. The reality that fewer than four in ten California residents approve of her speaks volumes.

However, in light of this data from the Los Angeles Times, some left-wing strategists have shared their views on why Harris polls so poorly in her home state. According to Katie Merrill, Harris supposedly isn’t well-known in California, despite her senatorial and attorney general campaigns that she won in the state.

Meanwhile, Mark Baraba, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, has a different view on Harris’ terrible poll numbers in California. Baraba says there’s a certain level of disinterest and lack of attachment that voters in California have when an election season is not underway.

The Vice President has much bigger things to be concerned about than her flopping poll numbers in California.

Harris is now second in command to an administration that doesn’t know what it’s doing regarding political matters. Days ago, the Vice President told the world that sanctions against Russia were crafted to prevent the country from attacking Ukraine.

Yet, on Thursday, Biden completely contradicted his Vice President’s words, declaring that no one at all believed sanctions would deter onslaughts against Ukraine.

At this rate, things are going for both Harris and Biden. Their approval ratings are going to get even lower.