Kamala Harris Bemoans Ongoing “Malaise” In The United States

At this time, many Americans are concerned about what this year will bring to fruition. People wonder if inflation will go down or if airlines will be able to avert the staffing shortages engendering mass flight delays and cancellations.

Likewise, folks across the nation are keeping their fingers crossed that the United States Supreme Court ultimately rules against the federal vaccine mandates Biden’s chosen to implement.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration remains as determined as ever to do whatever they want, no matter what the consequences of this entail. At the same time, this White House is also drastically far removed from the thoughts and concerns of this country’s people.

It explains the recent comments made by Vice President Kamala Harris, as The Federalist points out.

Several days ago, during a PBS News interview, Kamala Harris spoke about the extent of “malaise” in the nation. Everyone wants to return to normalcy from where the vice president is standing. Yet, to achieve this aim, the American people will have to “push through” what she called “solutions.”

There is quite a bit of way to unwrap this. However, the biggest problem of all is Harris’ lack of understanding. A malaised nation has been “pushing through,” but instead of pushing through solutions (as the vice president mentioned), Americans are moving through disasters.

The country’s been forced to push through skyrocketing inflation, not to mention staffing shortages that have catastrophic impacts on the economy. Business owners have been forced to move through shutdowns, government-imposed capacity restrictions, government-imposed mandates that hurt their establishments, and more.

Worst of all, America itself is pushing through a term of a president who doesn’t have the faintest idea of how to lead properly. COVID cases are higher than they’ve ever been, despite most people in this country being vaccinated.

How could Americans not be struggling with malaise with what’s happening in this country right now? Harris hasn’t yet caught on, though, that she and her boss are wholly responsible for the malaise she referenced in her PBS News sitdown.

Many Americans will breathe a sigh of relief when Biden, Harris, and the rest of this horrible administration are out of office.

In the meantime, though, one of the best ways to take on malaise is voting Democrats out of power during this year’s congressional elections.

The midterms are the perfect opportunity to undo the Democrat majority in the House and Senate while removing the White House’s reinforcements to help them pass destructive bills into law.