Justice Department May Have Some Answering To Do Very Soon

For quite some time now, the Democrat Party has taken positions on education that are increasingly anti-parent.

As of late, Democrats have been running with the idea that parents shouldn’t determine what their children are learning in schools.

Earlier in the month, the Michigan Democratic Party said “the public” is the client of public schools, rather than parents of the children attending these schools.

Of course, after facing substantial backlash, the Michigan Democratic Party revoked this statement and tried to walk it back.

With the midterms being months away, polls and other details indicate that Republicans are likely to take back control of Congress. If this happens, the United States Justice Department may need to answer for some things, as reported by TheBlaze.

As many Americans are very much aware of, in 2021, the Justice Department began flagging various parents as “domestic terrorists” when they stood up during school board meetings and expressed issues with curriculums being taught to their children.

Many Republicans called this out and have been hard-pressed to take real action against it. However, should the GOP regain control of Congress, then Republicans could begin making the Justice Department answer for their targeting of parents in this regard.

During a recent podcast interview, GOP Rep. Jim Jordan explained that one of his leading priorities as a House Judiciary Committee member involves looking into the Justice Department’s classification of parents as domestic terrorists.

The unfair targeting of parents hasn’t been doing the Democrat Party any favors. Yet, for unknown reasons, they continue to persist with it anyway.

During 2021’s Virginia governor’s race, Democrat Terry McAuliffe said parents shouldn’t be telling schools what to teach their children. This comment played a significant role in McAuliffe losing the election to current Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Categorizing parents who speak up during school board meetings as domestic terrorists is barely scratching the surface of the Justice Department’s questionable conduct under Biden.

The Department of Justice likewise bears responsibility for bringing lawsuits against states like Georgia that have new election security laws in effect. These lawsuits are rooted in the falsehood that election security laws are merely a cover for voter suppression.

Time and time again, under the Biden Administration, the Department of Justice has shown it has more interest in playing politics than in genuinely doing its job.

Should Republicans take back the House and the Senate, Americans will eagerly await the proper explanations of this behavior from the Justice Department.