Justice Department Investigating Texas Border Measures

The state of Texas has been one of the places hit hardest by illegal immigration. Unfortunately, illegal immigration is consistently increasing under the watch of the Biden administration.

It doesn’t help matters that the Supreme Court recently ruled the president can take down the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and others have repeatedly called on the White House to do its job and secure the border. After over one year in office, the Biden administration still hasn’t gotten around to doing this.

Therefore, Texas is taking matters into its own hands to cut back on illegal immigration and keep residents of the state safe. Now, the Department of Justice, on Biden’s watch, is investigating the Lone Star State’s border security measures.

What to Know About the Justice Department’s Probe
At this time, the Justice Department claims that alleged violations of civil rights were brought to its attention in relation to how Texas is working to secure the border.

To be precise, Operation Lone Star remains hard at work to prevent illegal crossings, uphold physical barriers at the border, and ensure that safety remains intact. However, the Department of Justice says Operation Lone Star has been reported for “discrimination.”

This alleged discrimination is being cited as Texas officials using nationality or race as the basis for making different arrests.

Operation Lone Star began in 2021 after the Biden administration’s consistent refusal to put in place immigration policies that deter illegal crossings. The state of Texas also recently began shipping illegal immigrants over to Washington DC for Biden and federal officials to personally handle.

The Response From Texas Officials
This past Wednesday, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) responded to news of the Justice Department’s investigation. DPS maintains the state is cooperating with the federal inquiry without issues.

Meanwhile, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) confirmed the Justice Department has sought various details from their unit regarding Operation Lone Star.

After last month’s discovery of dead migrants in a truck found in San Antonio, Gov. Abbott has committed to boosting the levels of vehicle inspections at the southern border.

The Republican governor is adamant that he will continue fighting to ensure the safety of both the border and Texas.