Judge Revokes Bond After Man Joins Court Zoom Call While Driving On Suspended License

Corey Harris, a Michigan man facing charges for driving with a suspended license, stunned Washtenaw County Judge J. Cedric Simpson when he appeared for his virtual court hearing on May 15 while driving a car. The 44-year-old joined the Zoom call from behind the wheel, despite his suspended driver’s license.

When asked by Judge Simpson if he was driving, Harris admitted he was pulling into his doctor’s office parking lot. After a brief pause to ensure Harris was “stationary,” his attorney, Natalie Pate, requested an adjournment of two to four weeks.

However, Judge Simpson reviewed Harris’s record and confirmed that he did not have a valid license. “This is a driving while license suspended?” Simpson asked, to which Pate confirmed, “Those are the charges, yes.”

Simpson, visibly incredulous, stated, “No, I’m looking at his record. He doesn’t have a license. He’s suspended, and he’s just driving.” Pate again confirmed the judge was correct.

Simpson expressed disbelief at Harris driving while on the phone with a suspended license in his courtroom. “I don’t even know why he would do that,” he said before revoking Harris’ bond and instructing him to turn himself into the Washtenaw County Jail by that evening.
When he heard the judge’s decision, Harris dropped his head back and exclaimed, “Oh, my God.” It has still not been confirmed whether he listened to the judge or not.

The inability of Harris to understand his situation, the foolishness of his actions and the overall way that he represented himself to the judge brought down a much more serious punishment than was needed or expected. In the end, if Harris showed a modicum of care for his situation and the tiniest respect for the court — and traffic laws — he would be in a much better place today.